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PGV Environmental Impact Statement Prep Notice (EISPN) Publication

Jul 18, 2022

Administrative 30-day public review and comment period starts.
Comments are due by August 22, 2022.
Please send comments to the approving agency/accepting authority and copy the applicant and the consultant.

An EIS Public Scoping meeting will be held August 17 from 5:00-8:00pm at the Pāhoa Community Center.

Links to EISPN Materials:

Press Release: Click Here to Download

How to Comment On the EISPN: Click Here to Download

August 17, 2022 Meeting Schedule and Participation Guide: Click Here to Download

HEPA EIS Process: Click Here to Download

Project Information Sheet: Click Here to Download

Participant Notification Letter: Click Here to Download

Full Text of EISPN: Click Here to Download

Online Citation:

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