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Redlight Photobiomodulation Consultation

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  • 1 hour
  • Virtual

Service Description

This Virtual treatment series is tailored to individuals who own or are seeking guidance on acquiring a PlatinumLED Redlight unit or similar LED redlight photobiomodulation units. It is designed for those in search of a personalized red light treatment plan to advance their rehabilitation and healing goals while maximizing the benefits of their investment in their redlight modality. Dr. Newton, a distinguished expert in the field of photobiomodulation, will conduct a thorough analysis of your medical history and engage in in-depth discussions centered on your healing objectives within the realm of photobiomodulation. What's Included in your Consultation Series: Initial Session (60 minutes: Introductory Discussion and Evaluation): - Comprehensive review of your medical history - Exploration of your rehabilitation, performance enhancement, and healing goals Second Session (45-60 minutes: Tailored Protocol Development and Program Guidelines): -Customized red light protocol design - Detailed program guidelines to align with your unique requirements Third Session (45-60 minutes: Comprehensive Follow-Up and Protocol Adjustments): In-depth follow-up session to assess progress and results - Further recommendations and protocol adjustments to optimize your healing journey - Please note that this exclusive service is available to both residents and visitors currently in Hawaii. ***If you are located outside Hawaii, we invite you to schedule a discovery call to explore alternative service options and access available resources.

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