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Sun Frequency Hemitie Beaded Bracelet

Sun Frequency Hemitie Beaded Bracelet

Style: Sun Frequency Hemitie Beaded Bracelet - 126.22hz


Imprint Frequency: 7.83hz (Natural Schumann Resonance )

Strength Level: Level 2 (Considered the Top "Dosage")

Material: Stainless Steel

Size: Large Apprx. 9 Inch diameter    


Feel the Frequency of the Sun in the palm of your hands! Energizing, directing, and many reports of people "finding themselves" or "their path". Then Sun's vital Frequency has been explained to "supercharge" one's drive and creativity.


The Sun hums out a constant ‘B’ note of 126.22hz which was created from millennia of gigantic explosions larger than our entire Planet. It is challenging to describe the feeling one gets when wearing the Sun’s powerful Frequency, but there is an overwhelming consensus that it provides raw Energy and a more focused mind. It is recommended that this only be worn in conjunction with the Earth Frequency of 7.83hz so that your nervous system is prepared for the increase in electrical power.

Currently, the Sun’s Frequency is a main component in the Pre-5G bracelet. 
You may wonder why the Sun’s Frequency is within the Pre-5G balancing bracelet? 5G technology functions on a much denser wavelength which means, that there are more towers scattered throughout the cities. These dense wavelengths are believed to block out part of the UV-spectrum meaning that we could get less of the vital Sun Energy that supports Life on our Planet. Wearing this Frequency is not the same as getting the full-spectrum Healing Energy from the Sun, but it does help balance the loss in a significant way.

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